Remove hair dye – a home remedy that actually works!

Get that nightmare color out of your hair – without damaging or drying it

So you got some permanent color and it's gone horribly, horribly wrong, and you're just about ready to die of embarrassment. Sister, I feel your pain – I've just recovered from my own hair color hell. Don't let anyone tell you 'it's just hair', or 'it'll grow out' – hair disasters really, really suck. But all's not lost yet.

I have a home remedy that safely removes permanent hair dye.

You can make it yourself in about ten minutes using perfectly ordinary products that you can get at any good supermarket or drugstore. And it doesn't even dry your hair – mine was in great condition afterwards.

It's so effective, in fact, that someone's already developing a commercial color remover based on the same secret ingredient that makes my remedy work. I'm sure it'll be a great product. But you don't need to wait for them to finish it – you can make my remedy yourself right now.

Here's my own tale of hair dye woe

So, I had a colorist in the US that I loved, and he used to give me a semi-permanent color that I loved, a dark, subtle mahogany. But then I moved to Germany, and had to find a new salon. So I googled for recommendations, and picked one that sounded good, and off I went.

But instead of that dark, subtle mahogany, they gave me a coppery orange color. It wasn't awful, it just wasn't what I wanted. I thought maybe a good colorist could tweak it a bit, make it more like what I wanted.

So I went to another salon and asked if they thought they could fix it. 'Sure!' they said. And then they colored over my hair with a kind of pinky-red color.

It was a total disaster. I had neon-bright orangey-pink hair. No joke. Small children were pointing at me in the street. People were doing double-takes when they walked past me.

And then I looked up the hair dye that that second salon had used, and found they'd given me permanent color by mistake.

So by now, I'm totally freaking out. I'm about ready to retreat under the duvet and stay there for three years while my hair grows out. Except that I can't, because at the weekend I had to go to a big dance conference (I'm a dance teacher) where there were going to be lots and lots of really stylish people that I really wanted to impress – and the guy I have a huge crush on.

I cried for about 24 hours straight. I could not turn up to the conference with neon-orange-pink hair. I was absolutely desperate to get that stuff out of my hair. So I started trawling the internet to see what I could do about it. And I read a looooot of stuff.

  • I read about professional color stripping, which does awful things to your hair, takes months, and costs hundreds of dollars. Not even an option. And, besides, hairdressers were the last people I was going to trust after the two disasters I'd just had.
  • I read about home color correction products, but they were only available in the US and would take a month to get to me.
  • I read about all kinds of home remedies, and tried several, with only the tiniest difference. Plus I caused a lot of breakage scrubbing my hair to get the weird substances out.

And then, after three days of research, buried on the fifth page of one thread, I found a tiny mention of a home remedy I hadn't tried. Worth a try, I thought. So I gave it a go – but saw no difference. I was disappointed, but really determined to get that color out. So I tried again, making some adjustments to the mixture.

And thank god I did.

I could not believe it when I blow-dried my hair and found that almost all of the permanent color was gone. It felt like a miracle. I looked human again! I could show my face at the festival, and would be able to recolor my hair properly when I found a decent salon. And to top it all off, my hair was in brilliant condition. Amazing.

My hair color cure

I still can't believe that more people don't know about this. So I've created a 5 page pdf report to show you how to use my remedy to get that disastrous color out of your hair.

My remedy:

  • Is made from completely safe, ordinary products
    You can buy them at any decent supermarket or drugstore for less than $10.
  • Allows you to remove a lot of color, or to just take the edge off
    You can actually see the color changing
  • Doesn't damage or dry your hair
    My hair was in fabulous condition afterwards.
  • On my hair, it was more effective than commercial products

I explain:

  • How to make and use the remedy.
    I give detailed, step by step instructions for the whole process – what you need, how to make it, how to use it.
  • The mistakes I made and how to avoid them
    The first time I tried this process, nothing happened. The second time, it worked a little. The third time, it worked brilliantly! I tell you exactly what I did right and wrong, so you can get it right first time.
  • How it works.
    I researched the science to find out why this remedy works and to understand how to improve the recipe. Turns out that I'm not the only person to have discovered this process – judging by a patent filed on some research, someone's already developing a commercial color remover based on the same substance that makes my remedy work.

Bear in mind:

This remedy works on permanent dyes. If your color is semi-permanent, I don't know how much it'll help. That's because the chemistry of semi-permanent color is different from the chemistry of permanent dyes. For me, the remedy did remove a lot of my semi-permanent color, but nowhere near as much as it did with the permanent color.

This remedy is unlikely to remove all your color. Permanent dyes bury themselves deep in the hair strands, so I don't think anything can get them out completely. But, it removed almost all of my colour – enough to totally transform my hair (from neon pinky-red to my natural brown with subtle red overtones) and make me feel like me again, and easily enough to make it possible to recolor my hair the way I wanted.

If your bad dye job involved lightening the color of your hair, be aware that this remedy can't restore the natural color of bleached hair, because that natural color isn't there any more! All this remedy can do is remove the permanent dye that's been added. So, if you dyed your hair darker, then you should get something close to your natural color back. If you dyed your hair lighter, then your hair will still be lighter after the dye's been removed.

Hair Color Cure costs just $10.

Just click the buy now button below to get your copy of the report – you get access to it straight away.

Obviously, there's a guarantee

It's always scaring buying things on the internet, so of course I'm giving a full no-hassle money back guarantee. This remedy was a total lifesaver for me, and I've written it up to help other people escape their hair color hell. So if it doesn't help you, you shouldn't have to pay for it. I won't argue and I won't give you any stress. I'll just give you your money back.

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Disclaimer: The products that this remedy is made from are completely ordinary, totally safe products that we use every day. But obviously, I'm not a doctor or a biochemist, so I should say that you use the remedy at your own risk. If in doubt, run it by someone with more letters after their name than me (I have ten, but none of them are for biochemistry!).